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Your visual posts on public view. The fair way.

Post short videos on public screens in local spaces like coworkings, cafes or on niche websites.

How it works.

Choose a board

Pick the board in the space you want to post on a map or by category.

Book and upload

Choose how many days you want your visual post to be live, select your media and enter your link.

Live on location or website.

Get exposure in your community on an eye-catching digital display.

An open digital board network in your area or community.

For events, apps, art, NFTs, shops, food, services, campaigns, music, blogs, movies, etc…

Having your visual post on a public digital screen or on a specific website should not be complicated. Nor expensive or intermediated. There is an easy, open, direct and fair alternative to get your message out there.

Aired. Shared. Fair.

We believe that publicly shared posts can do good not only for the product, service or event they promote but also for our planet.

In fact, a 10% share of the booking cost goes to projects to fight climate-change and 60% of every booking´s transaction goes to the space or website where the board is hosted. We believe in fair revenue sharing for the good of everybody.

What is caruzel.

Think of it as an Airbnb for digital billboards on places or websites.

The platform.

Caruzel is a web platform for both posters and spaces to publish, display and manage visual posts live on physical digital screens on location or virtual screens embedded on websites.

The mechanism.

Caruzel automatically creates slideshows running users’ visual-posts on virtual boards representing physical displays in the venues or embedded on websites.

A display opportunity for anyone.

Caruzel stands as an open network of digital displays in local spaces (co-working spaces, cafes, hotels, etc..) or websites where anyone can independently publish a visual post (video or image) via internet, for the time they choose.

Who are the users.

There are two types of users: posters and board hosts. The formers can be anyone such as companies, professionals or individuals, while the latters are venues, like coworkings or cafes or websites, like blogs, that host the physical screen or the embedded slider, called boards.

A simple formula.

Users pay accordingly to the publication time on any boards they choose. Each running post gets an exposure of 7 seconds. The price is set by the space who gets 60% of that amount, while 10% is donated to local projects who fight climate change.

The format.

We believe that the portrait layout (9:16) fits better in venues and website as of space and design. Users can upload files with the most common visual media extensions (.mp4, .mov, .jpg. .png, .gif, .webp).
Furthermore, posters can submit link and a written caption together with to their visual post to engage with viewers offline and online